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Wallpaper, Starlight, Visible

An interesting star pattern by day...a glowing star field under black light! What appears to be an ordinary star-patterned wallpaper quickly reveals itself as a stunning UV effect under black light: the stars glow like distant suns!

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Water Dye, 5 Color Kit

Turn any fountain or closed water system into a spectacular black light effect with Wildfire Luminescent 5 Color Water Dye Kit. Contains five 6cc containers, one each of the following colors. Colors react strongly to black light.

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Wildfire Fluorescent Tape

Wildfire Fluorescent Tape sticks to just about any clean surface and really stands out under black light. Use it to outline walkways, trim walls, create designs, or whatever your right brain (or left for that matter) wants to use it for!

Wildfire Invisible Clear Colors

Wildfire Invisible Clear Color Polyurthane Top Coats are clear under ordinary light, but reveal their color under black light. They are the "secret weapons" for creating invisible black light artwork.

Wildfire Invisible Luminescent Paint

Wildfire Invisible Luminescent Paints appear white under ordinary light, and fluoresce their color only under black light.

This paint product is designed to react to a true 365nm black light source it will not react to longer wavelengths such as 385nm, 390nm or 400nm.

Wildfire Phosphorescent Paint

Wildfire Phosphorescent Paint glows a pale "ghostly" green for several minutes after being exposed to light. It's the classic "glow in the dark" paint.

Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paint

Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paints appear bright under ordinary light and fluoresce brilliantly under black light. They can be mixed with each other for more color variation, or mixed with non-fluorescent water-based artist acrylics for more subtle fluorescent shades.

Items 31-37 of 37