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2' Track

2' single circuit track for our TracFX series

2-Circuit Track Conversion Clip

For our TracFx series, locks connectors into the 2 circuit mode. For use with J system 2-circuit track only.

4' Track

4' track for our TracFX series.

6' Track

6' track for our TracFX series.

8' Track

8' track for our TracFX series.

BX Connector

For our TracFX series, provides live end connector for use with surface mounted BX or Romex. Will also provide a through ceiling connection.

Canopy Plate

These plates cover a standard junction box and are to be used in conjunction with any one of the floating canopy connectors.

Dead End Straight Connector

For our TracFx series, straight line connector used to join two sections of track without electrical continuity.

Flexible Connector

For our TracFx series, connects two sections at variable angles from 60 degrees to 180 degrees. Used as a transtion from wall-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, or ceiling-to-ceiling. Power feedable.

Floating Canopy Connector

For our TracFX Series. Connects to an octagon box. Allows track to be powered anywhere along the length of the track.

Items 1-10 of 20