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Get a FREE Digital Copy of Wildfire's 2008 Special Edition Catalog and Special Report: "The Ultimate How-To Guide To Creating Spectacular, Ultra-Bright UV Effects."

This catalog and special report is a resource for those whose hearts beat a bit faster, whose neck-hairs stand on end, who want to jump up and shout "hallelujah!" just thinking about a really kick-ass UV effect!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover in this unique Special Report:

  • The five critical factors to creating an ultra-bright UV effect.
  • The science behind black light effects and what you absolutely must know in order to create a "reach out and grab you by the lapels" experience.
  • A survey of different lighting technologies that produce black light. Which technologies don’t work, which ones to avoid, which ones have promise, and which are the best and least costly for producing the ultimate black light effect.
  • What lighting designers need to understand about specifying black light fixtures.
  • How to mix a whole palette of different fluorescent paint colors and use them to create some of the coolest UV effects on the planet!
  • Common black light sensitive materials revealed: How to create UV effects using everyday objects.
  • Examples of the Wildfire Effect in action—a gallery of scenic jobs created by Wildfire’s talented artists.
  • Why Wildfire will pay $100 to anyone who finds a black light fixture with more output, more control, and more durability than a Wildfire of the same wattage.
  • And much more.

In short, this is specialized knowledge—inside information revealed! We realize we could charge a lot for this one-of-a-kind special report. But we're getting this out to you for just $7 plus $3 shipping and handling. (Just enough to cover our costs in producing it.)

But can have this guide in your hands in just a matter of moments...and for no charge whatsoever...just for taking a short survey. Just click the link below to get started, and in about five minutes you'll be downloading your very own digital copy of "The Ultimate How-To Guide To Creating Spectacular, Ultra-Bright UV Effects" for absolutely FREE!