The Secret Of Brightly Glowing Fluorescent "Rave Paint"

Lies In This Key Factor...

Fluorescent paint glows because special pigments in the paint mixture react to black light, which causes them to glow. The brightest rave paints are those that are super-saturated with these special pigments, such as Kryolan Luminescent Makeup and Wildfire Luminescent Paint.

Black Light Paint For The Body

Kryolan Luminescent Makeup is the perfect rave paint solution for application on the body. It is completely non-toxic and has a glycerin base, which holds up well under intense activity such as dancing. Yet, it easily washes off with soap and water.

It is also specially formulated for maximum brightness under black light, which means you'll light up like a light bulb under those black lights!

You can choose from visible fluorescent colors... or-for a more interesting and surprising effect-choose invisible colors that show up white under normal light, yet glow with spectacular colors under black light!

Fluorescent Paint For Cool Effects

Wildfire Luminescent Paint is more versatile, allowing for all kinds of color combinations under both normal light and black light. However, it should only be applied on the body with a barrier layer, such as a prosthetic.

Wildfire paints are super-saturated with black light sensitive pigment, making them the brightest fluorescent paints on the market. They are also easy to use, and can be applied to any prepared surface using any traditional application method such as brushing, rolling, spraying, etc.

Using these black light paints, you can create all kinds of interesting effects like invisible images (images that only appear under black light), dual images (images that appear one way under normal light and a different way under black light), and day/night transitions (images that show a day scene under normal light, transforming into a night scene under black light).

See Wildfire's online gallery for examples of these black light effects in action.