Water Dye

Turn Any Fountain Or Closed Water System Into A Brilliant, Glowing Black Light Effect

Wildfire’s Luminescent Water Dyes radiate brilliantly under black light. We use powerful yet safe formulas for producing the brightest possible fluorescent effect. They are so concentrated, just one gallon will treat up to 2,200 gallons of water!
Five different stock colors are available in pint, quart, or gallon sizes, and each color is intermixable for creating additional color tones.
  • Bright Orange: Under normal lighting conditions, the water will appear bright pink to red depending on concentration. But under black light, it appears bright orange.
  • Brilliant Yellow: Appears yellow/green under ordinary light, but becomes a brilliant yellow to lime green (depending on concentration) under black light.
  • Deep Yellow: Appears orange to red-orange, depending on concentration, under normal light. Deep yellow under black light.
  • Deep Blue: Appears aqua to royal blue, depending on concentration, under both normal light and black light.
  • Invisible Blue: Appears clear under normal light, but a cool electric blue under black light.
Wildfire Luminescent Water Dyes are completely non-toxic and biodegradable, and conform to ANSD/NSF Standard 60 for potable water.
Retail Price: $160.00 for the Gallon / $56.00 for the Quart / $28.00 for the Pint
Three ways to order: