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Add color to your presentation with the SPECTRA MASTER SERIES. We have combined our SUPER ADVANCED ELECTRONIC BALLAST with DMX CONTROL to give you the industry’s most sophisticated fluorescent color changer!

  • Available in 3 lamp Premiere and 4 lamp Elite models.
  • 200% more light output than standard twin lamp fluorescent lighting units.
  • Allows for a wide variety of colors.
  • More Control
  • Durable construction built for professional use.

“The spectra master units we put in our club, have added a whole new dimension to our light show. We have had so much fun bringing a whole new versatility to what we do with black light.”

-David Shockett, Owner, Dragonfly Nightclub.

  • Advanced VHO (very high output) Electronic ballasting doubles output and allows for instant on and off control and FLICKER FREE operation.

  • Powerful throw, up to 60 FEET.

  • Polished EVERBRITE ALUMINUM REFLECTOR with a reflectivity of 98% In the visible and Long Wave UV spectrums.

  • Precision German-engineered POSITIVE LOCKING SOCKETS eliminate the chance of lamps falling out due to jarring or vibrations.

  • Versatile DMX CONTROL for added effects. Each lamp is individually addressable enabling advanced control capabilities including FLASHING STROBING and ALTERNATING between lamps.

  • Flexible COLOR MIXING capabilities creates a wide variety of colors using a process known as color additive mixing.

  • Durable PRESSED STEEL housing with STAINLESS STEEL hardware.

  • Adjustable MOUNTING BRACKETS, drilled to accept a wide variety of mounting options

  • Optional ACCESSORIES including Lens Kits, Louvers, Light Stand Mounts, Floor Mounts and T-Bar Ceiling Mounts.

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