Long Throw Series

Introducing The New Series 3 Long Throw UV Black Light Fixtures

The World’s Most Advanced, Most Versatile, Most Durable, and Most Powerful Black Light… Quite Frankly, Nothing Else Even Comes Close.
They’re the BMW of black lights. The ultimate UV lighting machine.
We never sacrifice quality to cut costs. As a testament to this, the new Series 3 Long Throws are more expensive to produce than their predecessors, not cheaper. But every extra penny is money well spent, because every tiny detail of the Long Throw Series 3 has been designed to be top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art.
This means every fixture…
  • Is built for durability. These fixtures last.
  • Includes a much more advanced control system than you’ll find in other black lights.
  • Features a 3-in-1 design, giving you spot, wide spot, and flood simply by changing the reflector.
  • Has more output per watt where it really counts—at 365nm—than any other black light fixture on the market.

Why Wildfire UV Long Throws Are So Powerful, They Will Knock Your Socks Off And Turn Them Into Glowing Projectiles…

Efficiency. That’s the operative word. Wattage is a measurement of power consumption, not output. And we’ve designed these fixtures to produce as much UV output per Watt as current technology will allow.
Our patented IronArc lamp is a metal halide with a special compound added that boosts UV output (at 365nm) by 35% over conventional metal halides.
This graph shows the different wavelengths of light produced by our 400W Long Throw with an IronArc lamp installed. Notice the peak between 400 and 320nm, particularly at 365nm. Our testing has shown you’ll get the most powerful UV fluorescent effect at this wavelength.
All of our Long Throw fixtures use a 360° parabolic aluminum reflector so absolutely no light is wasted. Now, with the Series 3, it is made of spun aluminum for a more precise and consistent shape. Moreover, each reflector has an ultra-bright Alzac coating for maximum reflectivity. Plus, the entire reflective surface is mechanically peened for more even light distribution. Even the reflectors are state of the art.
We also use smart electronic ballasting that delivers a more consistent voltage, promotes longer lamp life, ensures flicker-free and noise-free operation, and provides more consistent output. You’ll get smooth, quiet, consistent operation with maximum UV output. (More on this sophisticated ballast below.)
Here’s another advantage of the electronic ballast: the electronics run 70% cooler with 10% greater energy efficiency than with magnetic ballasts. That means more wattage gets translated into real output! It also means a more environmentally friendly fixture.
The end result is a fixture that delivers way more output at the ideal wavelength (365nm) than any other fixture on the market. But that’s not the only reason Wildfires are the best fixtures available.

Why Wildfire UV Long Throws Have More Durability Than You Can Shake A Truss At…

A good lighting fixture should be taken for granted. If it’s truly dependable, you just don’t have to worry about it. One less thing to keep you up at night.
That’s why we put extra effort into ensuring the Series 3 Long Throws are as durable and long-lasting as possible.
For starters, notice the dual-housing design. All the electronics are kept in the rear housing, while the front houses the lamp. This keeps the electronics separated from the heat of the lamp, ensuring longer life. Notice also the fins, or ribs, along the side of the fixture. That extra surface area helps dissipate excess heat.
Plus, with the Series 3, the front door was completely redesigned to manage heat better:
The scalloped design on the outside of the door not only looks more attractive and reduces weight, it provides more surface area for cooling.
We added cooling channels on the inside of the door, designed to direct the airflow from the cooling fan over the lens, where heat tends to accumulate. This has the added benefit of extending the life of the lens.
The Series 3 Long Throws now feature a dual-lens design: 1) a thermal lens that reduces the amount of heat in the light beam… and 2) the UV filter lens. A thermal barrier separates the two lenses.
Both lenses are completely seated in a high temperature silicon gasket, without ever touching metal. This allows the metal of the fixture, as well as the glass lenses to expand and contract, without the risk of breaking. This design also makes it much easier to install new lenses.
The smart electronic ballast in every Long Throw runs 70% cooler than magnetic ballasts and will automatically reduce output or shut itself off completely if it begins to run too hot. Beyond 85ºC, power is gradually reduced to 50% until the temperature drops below 85º again. Beyond 90º, the ballast will switch itself off, preserving the life of the lamp, fixture, and ballast. In short, you can rest easy knowing your fixture is safe from overheating.
The Smart HID™ ballast sports a number of other longevity-boosting features, such as…
  • Micro-Start™ digitally controlled ignition, which virtually eliminates electrodes and “wall blackening”, extends lamp life, and ensures lumen and color consistency.
  • Microprocessor-controlled, which ensures greater efficiency, smoother operation, longer lamp life, and lower component-count, which further boosts reliability and longevity.
  • Automatic shutdown in case of lamp failure, which preserves the electronics.
  • Automatic hot re-strike prevention, which preserves the lamp.
nd that’s not to mention its electrical self-protection mechanisms in the event of a short circuit or open circuit, if the lamp fails to light, or at the end of a lamp’s life. There is also internal fuse-protection against the incoming current… advanced surge protection between phase and neutral and between line and ground… and advanced output protection against arcing or shorting to ground. Every design detail was thought out carefully to ensure maximum fixture life.
In addition to all the above, Long Throws are housed in heavy-duty, aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with a durable black powder coat finish, and entirely stainless steel hardware. This makes for one tough fixture.
And they are not only durable; they were built with safety in mind, so relax. Wildfire has your back, one less thing to worry about.

Why Wildfire UV Long Throws Save Lighting Technicians From Maintenance Headaches and Troubleshooting Migraines

Wildfire Long Throw fixtures incorporate a control system that’s more advanced than most conventional lights. We’re talking DMX and a whole lot more.
In addition to turning the fixture on and off at will—a pretty standard feature—the interface on the back of each fixture allows you to…
  • See troubleshooting information from a distance. The large display can be easily seen up to 20 feet away, and will give troubleshooting information if anything goes wrong.
  • Automatically see the highest-priority troubleshooting message. The display will auto-prioritize troubleshooting messages, so you see the most critical message on the display.
  • See the DMX address that’s assigned to the fixture. If the fixture is picking up signal, and you’ve as- signed a DMX address, you’ll see it right on the display.
  • See if you’re NOT picking up DMX signal. If you’re not getting a DMX signal to the fixture, you’ll know it because the green LED will flash, and the display will read “0 0 0.” We don’t have to tell you what a time saver that will be.
  • See if there is a problem with the lamp. The red LED will be on and the display will flash “O F F.” The lamp is either too hot to strike, or it’s a bad lamp. Wait five minutes for the lamp to cool. If the electronic ballast doesn’t automatically re-strike the lamp, you’ve got a bad lamp.
  • See how many lamp hours you’ve used up. Our IronArc lamps are rated for 1000 hours. If the lamp hours exceed that amount, you’ll see the red LED flash continuously and the display will show the lamp hours used until you change the lamp, or reset the timer. After 1000 hours, the lamp can have as much as a 45% decrease in UV output, so be sure to change the lamp at 1000 hours.
Changing the lamp, by the way, is super-easy. The hinged lens door allows for easy access. And if, for some reason, you try opening the lens door with the fixture on, there’s a safety cutoff that will shut off the lamp and save you from harmful UV rays.
What if you don’t want the LED display ruining your dark? Put the display in Dark Mode, and you won’t see a thing.
No other black light fixture has anything close to this level of sophistication and control. Come to think of it, not many conventional fixtures do either. But the best ones do—and that’s why you’ll find these advanced features in our fixtures, too. We think you’ll find them useful.
Here are some other features that make maintaining your Wildfire Long Throw easier than ever before…
Tech-heads will appreciate the premium quality Amphenol gold, 5-pin XLR DMX data connections. Their solid aluminum housing and gold plated connectors ensure a more secure, trouble-free connection.
The completely redesigned front cover hinge assembly stops securely at an angle, which makes servicing much easier—particularly for changing out the lens, lamp, or reflector.
More good news for lighting techs: we’ve converted to Neutrik PowerCON connectors to make running power easier than ever.
The yoke is fully adjustable, and has 3 different height positions. And speaking of yokes, the bale locks are now machined instead of cast in order to provide a much more secure locking surface, ensuring the fixture doesn’t “drift”. It costs a few dollars more to manufacture them this way, but we’re sure you’ll agree the gain in precision and quality (not to mention peace of mind) is worth it.

Why The New Series 3 UV Long Throws Are Like Getting Three Fixtures For The Price Of One

Spot. Wide Spot. Flood.
In the past, you had to purchase three different fixtures to get these three configurations. But now, with the Series 3, you can have all three in the same fixture, thanks to the interchangeable reflector design.
For example, instead of having to buy a completely new fixture to go from spot to flood, simply change out the reflector. In other words, one fixture… three possible configurations: spot (20º), wide spot (50º), and flood (90º). Each Long Throw fixture includes the reflector of your choice, and additional reflectors are available as a separate purchase.

Wildfire UV Long Throws Come In Three Sizes: 150W, 250W, and 400W, Each In Three Different Configurations: Spot, Wide Spot, and Flood

With the Series 3, all Long Throw fixtures now share the same exact features and design, differing only in size and output. Here’s a comparison chart to help you choose the right fixture. If you need help deciding which fixture is right for your application, call us at 1-800-937-8065. We’re here to help.

More Options To Get More From Your UV Long Throw Black Light

All long throws include a newly redesigned accessory lock for attaching useful accessories such as a barn door, dowser, iris, louver, etc.
  • Use a DMX controllable iris or dowser, for example, and you’ve got instant on/off.
  • Use a barn door, louver, or snoot, to precisely control the limits of your beam.
  • Don’t have a lighting truss? Use a floor stand for a lower cost option.
  • Some accessories even come standard with the fixture, as outlined below…

FREE Accessories With Every New UV Long Throw Purchase

Every Wildfire Long Throw fixture includes the following at no extra charge…
  • One 1/8-inch safety cable rated for 900 lbs. A $5 Value.
  • One Quick Trigger Clamp—the best in the industry—for attaching to a truss. A $40 Value.
  • One Wildfire IronArc Lamp designed for maximum UV Output. A $120 Value.
In total, all these extras amount to $165 worth of free stuff—included with every fixture purchase.

Unprecedented THREE-YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of our Long Throw fixtures that we’re guaranteeing them for a full three years against defects in materials or workmanship.
In the unlikely event there are defects, just ship it to us and we’ll either fix the problem, or give you a new fixture at no extra cost other than shipping the fixture to us. You won’t pay a dime in parts or labor.
We’ll even take care of return shipping back to you.
Like all warranties, it covers any defects in materials and workmanship on our part, but not damage due to acts of God, accident, neglect, or ignorance. (You’ll need insurance for those.)
No other lighting manufacturer offers this kind of warranty.

So Affordable It’s Almost Like We’re Giving Them Away

At this point, you’re probably expecting to pay a premium price for these premium fixtures. But here’s a surprise: Wildfire Long Throws are incredibly affordable.
Yes, they’re “expensive” compared to cheap alternatives. But we challenge you to make a direct comparison between Wildfire fixtures and those of any competitor. We can safely say there is no comparison. You won’t find another black light fixture with more durability, more control, more versatility, and more raw output than a Wildfire of the same wattage.
The only real decision is determining which Wildfire fixtures you need, and how many are necessary for your application. Admittedly, that’s not an easy task. (See our tutorial, “The Difficulty of Specifying Black Lights”)
Fortunately, we’re here to help. Simply call us at 800-937-8065 and we’ll help you determine which fixtures will best serve your needs.
Available Models: 150W model / 250W model / 400W model
Retail Price: $999.00 for the 150W model / $1,600 for the 250W model / $2,600 for the 400W model.


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