SableLED Lamps

Finally, A Viable Inexpensive UV-LED Upgrade Path For UV Fluorescents

Introducing SableLED™…

We knew it would happen eventually. And now it’s here!
SableLED™ is the first viable UV-LED that can really replace all existing UV fluorescents. It’s inexpensive (compared to other UV-LED products), offers superior output, more energy efficiency, way more durability, and much longer life than typical fluorescents,
SableLED™ is a self-contained UV-LED lamp shaped like a fluorescent lamp and designed to retrofit any existing fluorescent fixture (once the ballast has been bypassed).
Here’s why we believe SableLED™ is the first truly viable upgrade path from UV fluorescents…

SableLED™ Offers Superior Output…

  • True 365nm UV with no visible purple light. Even the best fluorescent UV lamps like our SableLux® have a little bit of purple light mixed in with the UV. But SableLED™ is the first true 365nm UV lamp, allowing you to see the pure fluorescent effect undiluted by purple light.
  • Flicker-free and free of RF interference. Fluorescents are known for flickering with inexpensive or failing ballasts, and can be prone to RF interference. Not so with SableLED™. You get pure, stable UV light all the time.

Longer Life, More Durability, & Fewer Maintenance Hassles…

  • 500% longer life. SableLED™ lamps are rated for 40,000 hours, while our SableLux™ UV fluorescent lamps, for example, are rated for 8,000. That cuts way down on maintenance costs, especially for large facilities like bowling centers, laser tag arenas, and indoor golf.
  • More durable. Fluorescent lamps are very fragile, break easily, and are sensitive to vibration and moisture. But SableLED™ lamps are made of an extruded aluminum heatsink housing with a strong UV-transmitting Plexiglas lens, giving them high shock resistance. They are actually hard to break! Vibration and moisture resistance also helps extend their life.
  • Easier Maintenance. Because SableLED™ lamps require no external ballast, it reduces the maintenance costs from having two points of potential failure (lamp and ballast). Simply replace the lamp when it fails.

Lower Fixture Costs…

  • Universal voltage—easily retrofit exiting fixtures. SableLED™ lamps accept universal voltage (100-240VAC) making it relatively easy to retrofit any existing fluorescent fixture by simply bypassing the ballast. (Do not insert SableLED™ into ballasted fixtures without first bypassing the ballast.)
  • No special fixture required. Because SableLED™ is self-ballasted it is like a self-contained fixture—a light fixture in a tube. All it needs is line voltage to operate, so any cheap fixture will do. That means you can effectively have a UV-LED fixture for little more than the cost of the lamp! (Just be sure to bypass the ballast first.)

And, It’s Environmentally Friendly, Too!

  • No Mercury or Hazardous Substances. SableLED™ lamps contain no mercury, unlike fluorescents. They are RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to see why SableLED™ wouldn’t be the logical upgrade from existing fluorescents!
In short, SableLED™ offers better UV output and a much longer maintenance-free cycle, while having very little fixture requirements. So while you do pay more for the lamp, you more than make up for it in lower fixture costs, lower maintenance costs, and higher quality output.
The 2 ft. 15W SableLED™ retails for $120, while the 4 ft. 30W version retails for $160.
Where else can you get a high-quality professional-grade 365nm UV-LED fixture for that kind of money?
Upgrade to SableLED™ today and experience the difference!


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