IronArc Lamps

IronArc Lamps: Specially Formulated To Produce 35% More UV Than Standard Metal Halides.

More UV output where it where it really counts: 365nm. That, in a nutshell, is the story behind IronArc lamps.
Take a look at the graph on this page. This graph shows the output of an IronArc lamp at various frequencies. Notice the peak—the longer black spikes—between about 350 and 400nm. This is true black light.
This peak is the reason our IronArc lamps produce so much brighter UV effects than standard metal halides. Although standard metal halide lamps do produce UV light, we’ve added a special compound to significantly boost the UV output (by around 35%), particularly in the 365nm range, resulting in brighter, more powerful UV effects.
IronArc lamps are rated for 1000 hours. (Our Long Throw fixtures will tell you when to change the lamp.) After 1000 hours, the UV output can begin to diminish by as much as 45%, so you’ll want to put in a fresh lamp as scheduled. (Note: Lamp life is strongly affected by the number of starts, operating time per start, operating wattage, and the ambient temperature of the lamp.)
If you have purchased UV fixtures other than Wildfire, our IronArc lamps will help improve the output of those fixtures. The chart below will help you choose the right lamp for your fixture. It won’t be the same as having a Wildfire, but at least you’ll squeeze out a bit more UV output.
And the price? Admittedly, they cost more than a standard metal halide lamps... as they should. This is a specialty item and costs more to manufacture. What you’re paying for is quality and increased UV output. Whatever metal halide fixture you own, just $120 will boost the UV output by 35%. It’s the next best thing to buying a new fixture.
Attention: This lamp generates UV-radiation. Read the safety instructions packed with the lamp carefully. Exposure to unfiltered output can be harmful to eyes and skin. This lamp must be used with suitable operating equipment and in accordance with specified data. Due to the high operating pressure inside the lamp, the possibility exists that in extreme circumstances the lamp might shatter.

How Metal Halide Lamps Work

Metal halide lamps contain a high-pressure mixture of argon, mercury, and various metal halides. (A halide is an ionized form of a halogen, which is the general name for a group of elements: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.) An electric current excites and ionizes the argon gas, which helps the electric current arc across a gap between two terminals. The heat generated by the arc then vaporizes the mercury and metal halides, which produce light as the temperature and pressure increases. The mixture of halides will affect the nature of light produced and its intensity. In our IronArc lamps, we’ve used a special compound to boost UV output.
Metal halide lamps produce a LOT of heat. So it’s important to have a fixture that can safely handle the heat without frying the electronics. To discover how we’ve solved this problem, visit the Long Throw page.
Available Models: 150W Single Ended / 250W Double Ended / 400W Double Ended.
Retail Price: $130.00 for the 150W / $120.00 for the 250W and 400W
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