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Donation from Wildfire Inc. Lights Up Young Faces at Camp Happy Days
CHARLESTON, South Carolina, USA, Sept 3, 2008 - Wildfire Inc. Lighting and Visual Effects recently brightened up the lives of some 200 children on a camping holiday by donating materials to create an out-of-this-world dance experience. By partnering with Camp Happy Days, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing respite retreats for children afflicted with cancer, Wildfire helped create a magical environment for the camp's themed dance party.

Camp Happy Days provides a week of fun, adventure and excitement for the children. Just as at a regular summer camp, the kids' days are full of swimming, boating, tubing, fishing, crafts and sports. The camp also offers a giant waterslide, climbing wall and even a high ropes adventure course. The camping adventure comes to a climax with a themed, indoor dance party.

This year, the space was done up as a hip hop dance club called "The Undaground." Wildfire donated a supply of its special iridescent paint, black light fixtures and Kryolan makeup to help transform the setting for the special event. (Wildfire Inc. is the industry leader in UV (ultraviolet aka "black light") products.)

"The kids had never seen anything like it before," said Larry Kessler, one of the camp coordinators. "I wish you could have seen their faces when they walked into the dance. Their jaws were hung open, trying to figure out where the lights were coming from. Even some of the counselors had a hard time figuring it out!"

The experience was one neither the kids nor Wildfire will soon forget.

"Events such as these remind me that we are really in the business of making magic happen," said Wildfire president John Berardi. "To be able to bring that magic to the kids at Camp Happy Days is something we truly are privileged to have done."

Founded in 1989, Wildfire, Inc. has been the market leader in the UV effects industry from its inception. Manufacturing the lights, lamps and both visible and invisible fluorescent paints, the company's philosophy has always been that what they are really providing is an effect. Wildfire's commitment to a specialized market has placed Wildfire effects and products at top amusement parks around the world, on concert tours utilizing dual image backdrops, in family entertainment centers and theatrical productions - anywhere that an operator, designer or producer seeks to create a magical shift in the guest environment. Visit

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