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LOS ANGELES – August 29, 2001 – Once again, Wildfire Inc. is illuminating the world of ultraviolet lighting with the introduction of its new IronArc UV lamps.

As the experts at Wildfire know, based on their vast experience with UV lighting, the secret for achieving a dramatic blacklight effect begins with the lamp in the fixture. That’s why Wildfire continues to create the most innovative ultraviolet lamps in the industry.

With its new IronArc UV lamps, Wildfire has designed and engineered a metal halide lamp containing iron iodide that produces 35% more ultraviolet light than its standard counterpart. As a result of this innovation, all Wildfire fixtures are now shipped with IronArc UV lamps to ensure that Wildfire clients have the finest special effects lighting equipment available.

IronArc UV lamps can also be used to improve the performance of other brands of ultraviolet lighting fixtures and are available in the following models.

WF-L105 575 Watt Single Ended Short Arc
WF-L102 400 Watt Single Ended Long Arc
WF-L100 400 Watt Double Ended Long Arc
WF-L103 250 Watt Double Ended Long Arc

For additional information on Wildfire, contact Aaron Stanley at (310) 755-6780 ext. 104.

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