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The World of Wildfire is Just A Click Away
TORRANCE, Calif. USA, July 15, 2008 -- Wildfire Inc., the standard-setter in UV (ultraviolet aka "black light") products, announces the launch of a new website at

"Wildfire is the only company in the world that focuses exclusively on UV effects, says John Berardi, president of Wildfire Inc. "It is time to take the mystery out of what makes our effects the best available."

Wildfire's emphasis has always been on educating the customer. With applications to answer every question any customer could ever wish to know about Wildfire products and how to use them, opening the secrets to the world Wildfire websiteof UV lighting is now just a click away.

"It really comes down to the old saying that 'the best customer is an educated one,'" comments Jonathan Weisgal, Wildfire V.P. sales and marketing. In order to help convey an in-depth understanding of today's capabilities in the UV world, the new Wildfire website provides updated themes and a rich resource of product demonstrations, including tutorials, visuals, applications to reference, and the ability to order Wildfire products online.

The new website reflects the company's dedication to ensuring that information is readily available for those who want to learn about the latest trends in UV effects. An example is Wildfire's UV screen printing process, which can currently be seen in Universal Studios' "The Simpsons Ride" in both Orlando and California.

"Wildfire is always pushing the envelope, seeking new and exciting ways to create the best possible UV effects," says Weisgal.

Website development company Square One Solutions, managed by Doris Mao Lin, worked closely with Wildfire on the content and design of the website. Built by designer Julie Jen and programmer Chad Hahn, the site was designed in both flash and HTML format to support various offerings that were incorporated.

Founded in 1989, Wildfire, Inc. has been the market leader in the UV effects industry from its inception. Manufacturing the lights, lamps and both visible and invisible fluorescent paints, the company's philosophy has always been that what they are really providing is an effect. Wildfire's commitment to a specialized market has placed Wildfire effects and products at top amusement parks around the world, on concert tours utilizing dual image backdrops, in family entertainment centers and theatrical productions - anywhere that an operator, designer or producer seeks to create a magical shift in the guest environment.

Jonathan Weisgal, V.P., Sales & Marketing, Wildfire 310-755-6780 ext. 104

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