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LOS ANGELES - April 25, 2001 - When the lights went down this past Sunday at Arco Arena (and not from one of California's rolling blackouts), Sacramento Kings fans found illumination for the 2001 NBA Playoffs thanks to 3-B Productions and Wildfire's special effects lighting systems.

The Kings wanted to create a more dramatic player introduction for the playoffs. Working with Wildfire, we were able to expand the parameters of the arena floor and make the fans part of the effect. The end result was simply amazing, both within the arena and on the television broadcast, Said 3-B Productions, Brett Enzensperger.

To make this special lighting effect work, fans were given white Sacramento Kings T-shirts to wear during the game. When the lights went down for the spectacular pre-game pyrotechnics player introductions, Wildfire's lighting system took center stage as the entire arena exploded in a sea of fluorescent purple.

The effect was achieved using 30, 400-watt Wildfire ultraviolet flood fixtures (Model WF-401F). 3-B Productions orchestrated the effect by securing the lights to an overhead truss system that encircles Arco Arena. The resulting image was something to behold.

Wildfire's special effects lighting can make the audience part of the performance, said Courtney Tate, Wildfire's sales manager who assisted 3-B Productions with the design of the effect.

This lighting system will be utilized for all Sacramento Kings home games throughout the playoffs.

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