Technology of Black Light Lamps:

Output Quality And Quantity Make All The Difference

When it comes to gauging black light lamps, there are two things to consider...

First, the output quality-or the wavelength of light produced. That's because our experience has showed us that 365-368nm is where you'll get the best and brightest glow effects.

Second, the output quantity-or the amount of UV light produced at 365-368nm. This is really important because some black light bulbs produce more UV output than others.

Consider the novelty incandescent black light bulbs. They produce very little UV light, and what they do produce is nowhere near the 365-368nm range.

The same is true of so-called "black light LEDs." They produce peak wavelengths at 400nm, 390nm, or occasionally at 385nm. Again, this is still nowhere near the 365-368nm range that is absolutely crucial for producing ultra-bright effects. UV LEDs also have a much lower output than other types of black light bulbs that are more suited for the UV effect.

There two specialty light bulbs that work extremely well for producing the brightest possible glow effect...

SableLux Fluorescent Black Light Bulb:

The World's Most Powerful Black Light Fluorescent

Black Light Bulb

Any good fluorescent black light will peak at 368nm-just where it needs to be. And the SableLux fluorescent black light bulb is specially-designed to have up to 57% more UV output per Watt than standard fluorescent black lights.

That makes the SableLux the most powerful black light fluorescent on the market today. It's ideally suited for producing bright effects at a low cost.

IronArc UV Lamps: Specialty Light Bulbs

For Serious Black Light Applications

Specialty Light Bulbs

For more serious applications, such as architectural and theatrical, Wildfire also manufactures the IronArc black light lamp. It's a metal-halide type bulb designed for long-throw fixtures.

IronArc is designed to have 35% more UV output than standard metal halides. That makes them perfectly suited for projecting UV at distances of up to 70 ft. or more-just what you need when the fixture must be mounted far away from the UV-sensitive material.

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