Why Wildfire® Black Light Equipment

Produces The Brightest Possible Glow Effect

Wildfire® Black Light Bulbs & The Secret of True Black Light

Black Light Bulbs

Did you know the human eye can't actually see black light?

You see, true black light lies between 320nm and 400nm, what scientists call long-wave ultraviolet light. Violet is the shortest possible wavelength the human eye can see. So anything beyond that is called ultraviolet, or "beyond violet." That's why it's called "black" light. The human eye can't see it.

What you do see is the glow-effect produced by a UV-sensitive object that fluoresces under this invisible black light.

After extensive testing, we've determined that in order to produce the brightest possible glow effect, the black light bulb must produce a peak wavelength between 365-368nm-right smack in the middle of the long-wave UV range.

Most so-called "black lights" do NOT produce the right kind of output. That's why here at Wildfire, we've designed all our black light equipment-including fixtures and bulbs-to produce maximum output at 365-368nm.

For example, our SableLux fluorescent black light bulbs have a smaller diameter, combined with a "secret ingredient" in the bulb itself, that produces up to 57% more UV output per Watt than standard black light fluorescents-even those produced by name-brand manufacturers!

WARNING: So-Called LED Black Lights

Do NOT Produce The Proper Wavelength

Not all black light bulbs are created equal. LED black lights, for example, typically produce a peak wavelength of 400nm, or if you're lucky, 390nm. At this range, you'll get white shirts to glow, but you won't get a very bright effect with other fluorescent objects. You'll also be severely disappointed if you plan on experimenting with some of the more interesting black light effects like invisible images, dual images, and day/night transitions.

If you're looking to create spectacular, ultra-bright black light effects, stay away from LED black lights, and choose black light equipment that will create the brightest possible effect.