Secrets Of UV Neon Paint: Beyond The Glow

Neon Paint

Black light art exists because of fluorescence. A fluorescent object absorbs a ray of black light(long-wave UV light), then re-emits that energy as a ray of visible light. We see this as the glow effect produced by neon paint (or what is more appropriately called "fluorescent paint").

This property of fluorescence means it's possible to create more than just cool glow effects. Fluorescence can be exploited to produce several types of-

Spectacular Black Light Art Effects

Visible Fluorescent Glow-Effects

The visible fluorescent effect is the simplest of all effects and can be produced with basic neon paint. Quite simply, it is any fluorescent color that glows under black light.

Invisible Images

Invisible images are somewhat more complicated to produce. They require invisible fluorescent paint, which can appear white or clear under normal light and fluoresces its color only under black light.

The invisible image is only visible under black light. The visible image can be a solid color, or any kind of non-descript pattern.

Dual Images

Dual images are still more complicated. This is where one complex image will appear under normal light, and a completely different image appears under black light. This is produced by a combination of visible and invisible fluorescent paint.

Day/Night Transitions

The day/night transition is a special type of dual image that shows a day scene under white light, transforming into a night scene under black light.

You can see examples of these effects in action by viewing Wildfire's online black light art gallery.

The key to making spectacular, jaw-dropping effects is to have the brightest glow effect possible. This is achieved with the combination of Wildfire Luminescent Paint with Wildfire UV Lighting fixtures. Wildfire paints are super-saturated with pigment, making them the brightest on the market. Wildfire fixtures are designed for maximum UV output at just the right wavelength for ultra-bright effects-365-368nm.

Black light artists in Hollywood and around the world trust Wildfire products to produce ultra-bright black light effects.