To The Entertainment Industry's Best Resource For Creating Ultra-Bright Black Light Effects.

When Hollywood or the Entertainment Industry wants the most powerful UV effect possible, they turn to Wildfire for one simple reason: we deliver…
  • Our Black Light Fixtures are the most durable, the most controllable, and have the most UV output on the planet.
  • Our Black Light Paint has the highest UV pigment concentration you'll find anywhere, making it extremely sensitive to UV and therefore the brightest paint on the market.
  • Our cutting edge UV Printing is second to none, and now includes the ability to print completely invisible photorealistic images.
  • Our Scenic Services offer a high level of artistic integrity and craftsmanship.

Here, You’ll Find The Most Extensive Resource For Creating Spectacular Black Light Effects…

If you’re looking to create the brightest, most powerful black light effect possible, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to our products and services, you’ll also find a number of resources to assist you, including…
  • How-To Tutorials - a collection of articles on the science behind UV, how to create the brightest possible effect, how to mix UV paint, and more.
  • Our Newsletter/Blog, which includes news about new products, featured artists, cool applications, how-to articles, and more. Be sure and sign up to receive each update.
  • Gallery of UV Effects, including demonstrations of the signature "Wildfire Effects", such as: visible fluorescent images, invisible images, dual images, and 3D effects.
  • Product Manuals, Tech Data Sheets, and MSDS sheets of all our products, past and present.



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The “Clark Griswold of Halloween” Lights Up Neighborhood In Spectacular Display

(For those too young [or too old] to remember, the 1989 comedy classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, featured Clark Griswold [Chevy Chase] who LOVED Christmas and let the whole neighborhood know it with his spectacular Christmas decorations.)

Tony Zoccoli and family of Gilbert, AZ have made a tradition of creating a spectacular Halloween display in their front yard that attracts thousands of on-lookers each year.

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